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How Long Should Brake Pads Last?

new brake pads

Brake maintenance, including brake pad replacement, is necessary from time to time. It’s how you can trust your brakes will work when you need them the most. How long do brake pads last? Here’s an answer to that question, plus some factors that affect a brake pad’s lifespan.

Brake Pads Lifespan

Generally, you can drive between 48,000 to 110,000 kilometres before changing your brake pads. Some pads, however, can last up to 160,000 kilometres. However, the lifespan varies significantly, depending on your driving habits and the type of brake pads.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan Of Brake Pads

Your brake pad material will affect how long they last.

  • Organic brake pads made from non-metallic materials with composite are softer and quieter but wear down more quickly than other materials.
  • Metallic or semi-metallic brake pads are more durable than organic pads but can be noisier and wear out the rotors.
  • Ceramic brake pads last the longest and offer superior stopping power. However, they cost about twice as much as organic and metallic brake pads.

The brake pad material you choose affects how long you can drive before needing a brake pad replacement.

How To Make Your Brake Pads Last Longer

No matter what brake pads you have, there are ways to prolong their lifespan.

  • Slow down. Driving fast with sudden stops adds extra friction and wear to your brakes.
  • Lighten the load. Heavy vehicles need more braking pressure to slow down, so remove unnecessary cargo from your vehicle to make it easier to stop.
  • Flush the brake fluid. Brake fluid lubricates the entire system. Schedule a brake fluid flush every two years or 20,000 kilometres.

Even if you follow these tips, your brake pads will eventually wear out, so you must still watch for signs of wear.

When To Change Your Brake Pads

Here are some signs that it’s time for a brake pad replacement.

  • You hear squealing or grinding sounds when you apply the brake pedal
  • Your car vibrates when you brake
  • It takes longer than usual for your car to stop
  • Your brake pad indicator light is illuminated

Schedule a brake check at an automotive centre if you notice any of these signs.

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