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How Often Should I Schedule A Wheel Alignment For My Vehicle?

Maintaining your vehicle ensures its longevity and safety, and one of the essential things you should never overlook is wheel alignment. Incorrect wheel alignment can lead to a bumpy ride, excessive tire wear, increased fuel consumption and potentially dangerous conditions for you and your passengers. Here’s what you need to know.

Wheel alignment

What’s a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment is a procedure that ensures your vehicle’s suspension and drivetrain systems — the systems that connects vehicle to its wheels — are in proper shape. During a wheel alignment, a mechanic will inspect your car’s tires and suspension and drivetrain components while it’s raised on a hoist. They’ll then use computerized technology to adjust the suspension and drivetrain angles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This process ensures that all four wheels are parallel and sit flat on the road and that your steering wheel is centred.

Signs you need to have your wheels aligned

Some telltale signs indicate your wheels are out of alignment, including:

  • The steering wheel is off-centre when you’re driving straight

  • The vehicle pulls to one side when you’re driving on a straight, level road

  • The tires screech or squeal when you’re turning

  • The steering wheel vibrates or shakes when driving

  • The vehicle feels unstable or wanders from side to side

  • The tires wear unevenly or extremely quickly

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to align your wheels at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres.

The right frequency

There’s no hard and fast rule for how often you should have your wheels aligned. However, most mechanics recommend getting an alignment every one to two years. You can find the specific recommended intervals in your car’s manual.

Moreover, how often you need a wheel alignment depends on how and where you drive. For example, if you often drive on rough, gravel roads, you may need to check your wheel alignment more frequently. Additionally, if you recently ran over a curb, hit a large bump, or went through a pothole, it’s a good idea to inspect your wheel alignment to ensure everything’s in top shape.

At Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres, we use state-of-the-art equipment to correct your wheel alignment, saving you money on fuel, expensive tire replacements and costly steering and suspension repairs.

Auto Repair And Wheel Alignment Services

If you notice any signs that indicate your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, don’t ignore them — bring your car to Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres as soon as possible. Our expert technicians will ensure your vehicle’s wheels are aligned correctly, providing a smooth and safe ride. We also offer maintenance tune-ups to keep every part of your car in excellent condition. Contact us today to make an appointment in B.C. or Alberta.


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