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How to Avoid Back Pain While Driving

Whether you are stuck in everyday traffic or headed out on a drive that will take several hours, you might notice a twinge form in your back and continue to worsen as you continue driving. Eventually, the back pain becomes unbearable, and you might find the last few hours or minutes of your drive to be pure torture.

How to Avoid Back Pain While Driving

The human body is not designed to sit in the same position for several hours at a time, and while durable, it is susceptible to the motions of driving in a car. The constant vibrations affect your spine, and can even cause damage to the discs; especially if you commute for hours at a time every day.

Most vehicles lack lumbar support too. Therefore, you must take matters into your own hands to prevent back pain and chronic discomfort.

6 Ways to Alleviate and Prevent Back Pain on the Road

If you have back pain while riding in your car, see if these tips help alleviate the pain and prevent it from troubling you on your next time behind the wheel.

  1. Set Up Before You Go: Are you repositioning several times to see the road in your mirrors? Do you have to stretch to reach things in your car constantly? Take a few minutes before starting the engine to get comfortable. That includes making sure your mirrors are in a position that does not require you to strain your neck or back to see in them.
  2. Stop and Stretch: If you can, stop every hour or two during your drive. Get out of your car and stretch your muscles. Roll your neck and shoulders, place your hands behind your back and stretch, do toe touches, and twist around so that your muscles loosens up and relax.
  3. Add a Shock Absorber: Some vehicles are smoother to drive in than others. If you notice that your vehicle has excess bumps, the vibrations from your car are most likely the root of your chronic pain. Purchase a car seat cushion with a built-in shock absorber. Also, bring your vehicle in for auto repairs in Vancouver and its surrounding cities to see if your struts or axles need adjustment.
  4. Bring Ice or Heat: If your vehicle has heated seats, you are in luck. Turn on the lumbar heater and use that to alleviate the pain. Also, bring along an ice pack and put the ice pack on to reduce inflammation.
  5. Adjust Seat Height: Your spine relies on your feet for support. When driving, you cannot provide your spine with the support it needs adequately, because you are using your feet to operate the car. To take the load off your spine, lower and lift your seat height for every 20 minutes of driving. These slight adjustments can take the pressure off your spine.
  6. Exercise Regularly: Regular exercises, especially core strengthening, can help prevent back strain.

See if Your Car is Part of the Problem – Bring it in For a Check

Sometimes, it is your vehicle causing your back pain. Whether you have bald tires, tire pressure issues, or need new shock absorbers in your car, the team at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help identify and correct the issue.

To serve you better, you can find an auto repair shop near you today. For questions about auto repairs in Vancouver and its surrounding cities, contact a centre in your area.


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