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How to Check Your Tires for Wear

wear on tires

Worn tires can make driving in inclement weather dangerous, as braking on wet or snow-covered roads will be much less effective. Additionally, they’re susceptible to blowouts as they can be more easily punctured. In order to continue driving safely, it’s important that you know when and how to check your tires for wear.


When to Check Your Tires

Your tires should be checked every few months, as well as before and after any long road trips. While the frequency of these tests might seem like an inconvenience, it’s actually quick and easy to do.


Using a Depth Gauge

A depth gauge is an instrument that measures the depth of tire treads. To use it, insert the pin in the grooves between the treads and push down until the base plate is pressed against the tread. Repeat this measurement in a few different places on each tire and use the lowest result for the overall reading. If this number is 2/32” or less, your tires should be replaced immediately. If the reading is 3/32” to 4/32”, the tires should be replaced soon, before the treads get any thinner.


The Nickel Technique

If you don’t have a depth gauge on hand, you can still conduct a relatively accurate test of tread depth. All you need is a nickel. Place the coin between the treads with Queen Elizabeth’s crown facing downwards. If the top of her crown is still visible, you need to replace your tires as soon as possible, since this means that the depth is less than 2/32”.


Wear Bars

Many tires come equipped with wear bars, which are another effective way to gauge tread depth. These bars are found on several locations around a tire and are located at the bottom of tread grooves. If you notice that they’re flush with the rest of the tread, it means that the depth has reached 2/32” and the tires need to be replaced without delay.


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