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Is Synthetic Oil the Right Choice for Your Car?

When you take your vehicle in for its routine oil change, you might be asked if you want synthetic or regular motor oil.

Newer vehicles typically recommend synthetic oil in the owner’s manual. By doing so, you extend the number of miles you have in between oil changes and service appointments. However, is synthetic oil truly the best for your car? What about the environment? Is there an impact you can help reduce or end up contributing to without your knowledge?

Is Synthetic Oil the Right Choice for Your Car?

Knowing how synthetic oil affects your fuel economy and the overall emissions of your vehicle are just as important as maintaining your car’s engine.

Synthetic Oil versus Regular Motor Oil

Conventional motor oils are derived from petroleum. Synthetic oils come from chemicals made to act similarly to petroleum, but without the associated environmental impact. The chemicals used to make synthetic, however, come from petroleum. Therefore, both are relatively the same when it comes to their influence on the environment when comparing the chemical basis.

Will Fewer Oil Changes in the Year Promote a Better Environment?

One advantage of synthetic oils is that it offers fewer oil changes throughout the year. Some synthetic oils go 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres between changes. Comparing that to the oil changes conducted every 5,000 to 6,000 kilometres, you have significant savings. Also, your vehicle does not go through the process of flushing out the old oil and replacing it. The old oil must be disposed of somewhere; therefore, it affects the environment too.

In theory, synthetic oil would win the debate just because it requires fewer oil changes.

Comparing Fuel Economy – an Important Factor

Fuel economy is equally important when comparing which oil is more eco-friendly. Synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional, uses fewer quarts, and it is a more efficient lubricant. It might also give you an appreciated boost in fuel economy due to the additives in the oil. When pistons work smoothly, less wear and tear hits the engine, and your car’s lifespan increases along with better mileage per litre.

Change Out Your Oil or Schedule an Auto Repair in Vancouver and Its Surrounding Cities

Is it time for an oil change? While synthetic oils are still growing in popularity, they are the better option for the environment compared to conventional oil. The team at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offers synthetic and conventional oil choices. We can help you increase fuel economy by maintaining your vehicle.

Also, we use the best practices for disposing of all oil taken from the vehicles we repair and maintain. We believe that with the right use of oils and disposal techniques; we lessen our impact on the environment.

To schedule an appointment for repairs or your future oil change, find one of our locations near you. If you have questions about our auto repair services in Vancouver and its surrounding cities, contact a centre in your area. Our trained and experienced technicians will help keep your vehicle in prime condition.


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