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Is Your Vehicle’s Suspension Hindering Performance?

Proper suspension and wheel alignment does not just give your vehicle a smoother ride; it can significantly improve your vehicle control. Whether you are driving on slick roads or in the snow, the condition of your vehicle’s suspension is important. There are ways you can tell if your suspension is in need of attention, and the sooner you have it repaired, the better for your vehicle.

Why Maintaining Your Suspension Matters

Have you ever seen a vehicle on the side of the road with a collapsed suspension—the wheels sitting in different directions? These types of catastrophic failures are 100 percent avoidable. Your vehicle’s suspension is not something to neglect, because it is what supports and affects your vehicle’s braking, handling, steering and even tire to road contact and tire wear.

Signs that You Need a Suspension Service Appointment

If you notice your suspension is not at its optimum, take it in for auto repair in Vancouver right away. You can tell whether or not your suspension needs repair by inspecting the following:

  • Look at the Tires – Check your tires for any signs of uneven wear. If you notice treads are wearing unevenly, you most likely have an alignment issue. Toe wear will create a feathered wear pattern on the front tires, which occurs when tie rod ends have worn down.
  • Steering – When you try to steer, have you noticed that it feels looser? You may also notice that your vehicle pulls or drifts while you are turning, which means the shocks are no longer keeping your vehicle stable.
  • Rough Ride – Shocks wear out and as they do, you may start to feel every bump in the road. If your vehicle feels more bouncy than usual, take it in for auto repair in Vancouver.
  • Nose Dives – When you bring your vehicle to a stop, you may notice your vehicle feels like it is going nose-first or diving. Take your vehicle in right away for repair, because this can affect your ability to make sudden halts.
  • Bounce Test – One of the best ways to test your vehicle’s suspension is via the bounce test. With your car in park, press down on the front of the car and bounce it. Do it again on the rear side. If it continues to bounce two to three times after you release it, the suspension is worn out.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offers complete suspension repair and wheel alignment services. If you think your vehicle’s suspension is worn out, bring it in for auto repair in Vancouver or any of our other convenient locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta.


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