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What Items Should You Always Carry in Your Car?

You pack up your vehicle with extra materials for road trips, but what do you leave in your vehicle for the everyday drive to and from Point A to Point B?

Surprisingly, most motorists neglect stocking essential items in their vehicle, and find themselves ill-prepared when experiencing a breakdown on the side of the road, or are caught in poor weather. To make sure you are ready for the road and whatever that drive might bring, be sure you have the right items packed away in your car at all times.

checklist of items to keep in your car

10 Items to Always Have in Your Vehicle

No one can predict road conditions, or how their vehicle will behave one day compared to the next. Even with the best maintenance plan, you may find that something unexpectedly goes awry in your vehicle. So instead of being stranded, you can be prepared.

Be sure to pack these 10 items in your vehicle before you get behind the wheel:

  1. Cleaning Wipes: Whether you prefer disinfectant wipes or baby wipes, these are handy to clean up spills, gently wipe dust from the dash, and clean dirty hands.
  2. Cat Litter: Cat litter is more useful than you might realize, and considering how inexpensive it is to purchase, you must put a box of it in your car. You can use it in the car to clean up after a child or pet gets sick. Also, in the winter, sprinkle some cat litter on snow or ice to provide your tires with traction and get out of a tough spot.
  3. Bottled Water: Your car should always have a few bottles of water in the trunk. Not only does it keep you hydrated during long car trips, but if you were to be stranded for a few hours, you will not be without water.
  4. Protein Bars or Trail Mix: Packaged protein bars and trail mixes are great for road trips, but also good snacks to keep on hand in case you are stuck on the side of the road. Be sure to check the expiration date on your food items every 2 to 3 months and replace the food items so that they are consumed before expiration.
  5. Pen, Pencil, and Paper: While you have your smartphone for your notes, if you were in an accident, that smartphone could be damaged or lost in the impact. Having paper and a writing utensil in the glove compartment gives you a backup method for taking notes, writing down another party’s insurance information or writing down a license plate.
  6. Map: You have GPS on your phone, but what if you are in an area that has no signal? Carrying around a map of the area or province is still a good idea for backup reference. Just make sure you update your maps annually.
  7. Emergency Escape Tool: Inside your glove box, you should have an emergency escape tool. Look for one that has a glass breaking tool on one side and a seatbelt cutter on the other. These tools could save your life, and cost only a few dollars.
  8. Duct Tape: Even with the best auto repair in Vancouver and its surrounding cities, sometimes you need a quick fix while driving over to the repair shop. Duct tape is one of those magical tools that can fix just about anything; including that bumper that appears to be falling off.
  9. Multi-Utility Tool: A multipurpose tool is a helpful, inexpensive tool you should keep in your car’s emergency kit. These tools come with a variety of tools in one, like a screwdriver, scissors, pliers, and even bottle openers.
  10. Extra Medicine: If you have asthma or allergies, having an extra inhaler or EpiPen in your vehicle is a must. These medications are life-saving, and something you cannot afford to be without if you are in an accident or stranded on the roadside.

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