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Keep Your Car from Overheating this Summer

Every summer, you’ll see at least one or two of them on the side of the road – cars that have pulled off to the side, their hood open and steam pouring out. What most drivers don’t realize is that an overheated vehicle is often preventable. From loose hoses to low coolant, most of the reasons a car overheats are caught during routine maintenance. If you want to avoid being one of those cars stranded on the shoulder this summer, take the proper steps to avoid overheating.

Tips for Preventing Your Vehicle from Overheating

Unlike your gas and oil, not all cars have a dashboard indicator for low coolant. Instead, you must check it and ensure there are no drips or leaks. A few other things you can do to prevent your car from overheating include:

  • Never use water as your vehicle’s coolant. Even if you’re low on coolant, don’t use water. Special coolants prevent corrosion and rust and should never be substituted with water.
  • Go to an auto repair center for coolant checks. When you’re getting an oil change in Salmon Arm, a trusted auto service center will also check your coolant for its condition and volume.
  • Check your radiator cap before long drives to ensure it’s tight. These caps must remain tight so your coolant can expand and contract without seeping out.
  • Don’t drive if your car is overheating. All it takes is a mile of driving on an overheated engine to destroy it and result in costly repairs.

Car Overheating? Take It in to a Reliable Service Center for a Checkup

If your car is overheating even with ample coolant, the problem may be with your radiator, water pump, coolant hoses, fan relay, thermostat or even the radiator fan. An experienced technician can help determine why your vehicle overheated and repair it quickly so that you can get back on the road again.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offer quality auto repair in Salmon Arm and surrounding locations. Prevent your vehicle from overheating by coming in for an oil change. Our technicians have rigorous inspection procedures to detect low coolant and other overheating issues. Schedule your oil change in Salmon Arm at our brand new location today.


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