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Major Vehicle Manufacturer Settling Oil Change Lawsuit

Did you know that a manufacturer cannot void your new car warranty just because you get your vehicle’s oil changed somewhere other than the dealership? As a result of a recent lawsuit that the Federal Trade Commission filed against a vehicle manufacturer, more consumers are finally becoming aware of this fact.

What Happened—Get in the Know Before Your Next Oil Change in Vancouver

The manufacturer was accused of violating the “tie-in provision” of the Magnus-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. They told their customers, via their owner’s manual, that having their oil change anywhere except an authorized vehicle dealership would void their manufacturer warranty.

This requirement of vehicle owners was actually against the law. A manufacturer cannot require a vehicle’s owner to only get their oil changed or to get any type of service at a specific location, especially one that benefits only the manufacturer. It is a violation of a consumer’s rights to void the warranty simply because the consumer chooses their own service company.

The vehicle manufacturer has agreed to the charges and will be changing their practices as well as supplying new owner’s manuals. The FTC has required that they also supply owners with a list of their rights. The vehicle manufacturer will be facing several fines for imposing such rules on their vehicle owners.

You Have the Right to Choose Where You Go for Auto Repairs in Vancouver

Whatever vehicle you drive, you have the right to take in your vehicle for repairs and oil changes in Vancouver at your desired service center. According to the FTC’s website, you have the right to choose and you can even do auto repairs yourself, if you so desire, without voiding your warranty.

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