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Out-Of-Province Antique Car Inspections: Frequently Asked Questions

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When importing a classic or antique car from outside the province, there are certain steps you need to go through to get it registered and plated in British Columbia. Here’s what you need to know about out-of-province inspections for antique cars in B.C.


Do I need an out-of-province inspection for my antique car?

Yes. To plate an antique car in British Columbia, it first needs to pass an out-of-province inspection. One exception to this rule is for antique vehicles previously registered in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that have already passed a safety inspection in the previous jurisdiction within 90 days.


A further exception is for antique cars that are still being restored. If the vehicle meets certain criteria (discussed here), it can be registered before it’s ready for a safety inspection. To be clear, an out-of-province inspection will still be required, but it can be postponed until a future date, once the vehicle has been properly restored.


What does an out-of-province inspection involve?

An out-of-province inspection is a CVSE government regulated inspection used to ensure that a vehicle is safe to operate on B.C. roads. It involves a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle’s components and systems carried out by a qualified professional. After the inspection, the owner will receive a vehicle inspection report that details the checks performed on the vehicle and indicates whether the vehicle passed or failed the inspection.


For more detailed information about the various checks involved in the inspection process, read our article about what causes a vehicle to fail an out-of-province inspection.


Out-of-province and pre-purchase inspections must be done at a designated inspection facility in British Columbia such as Minit-Tune & Brake.


Should I get a specialty licence plate for my antique car?

If you only plan to drive your antique car occasionally, it’s best to apply for vintage licence plates or collector’s plates. Having these plates puts certain restrictions on when and how often you can use your vehicle, but it also allows you to pay less for your auto insurance.


The restrictions on vehicles with vintage plates are more stringent. The owner is only allowed to drive the vehicle on special occasions such as exhibitions, parades, weddings and graduations. Registering your car as a collector’s vehicle, however, allows you to use it for recreational driving.


Refer to the ICBC website to learn more about collectors plates and vintage plates.


Get an Out-of-province car inspections in BC

At Minit-Tune & Brake, our qualified technicians can inspect and tune up your antique car so that you can successfully register it in the province. Contact us to learn more about our out-of-province inspections and our comprehensive auto care services.


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