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Prepare for Shorter Days with a Headlight Inspection

Grey days and rainy evenings make it more important than ever to ensure your vehicle is visible on the road. Whether you drive a small car or a big truck, having fully operational headlights is crucial during the fall. Headlights and taillights play a big role in alerting other drivers of your presence on the road, allowing you to see on dark streets, and signalling your intentions. Combined with inclement weather and ever-shorter evenings, now is the perfect time for a headlight inspection. Whether at home or at an auto repair shop in Vancouver, a quick safety check is a good idea.

Headlight and visibility inspection

Here are 3 steps for a quick at-home headlight and visibility inspection:

  • Get a Friend: It may seem easy enough to flash the lights on your garage door, but it can be tricky to tell the difference between the different headlight settings from inside your car. Ask your partner, neighbour, or friend to check things for you from outside.
  • Check All Settings: Just because your lights are shining bright as low-beams does not mean they are operational in all settings. Take the time to cycle through hi-beams, low-beams and fog lights. Signal both ways and ask your inspection buddy to circle around the back of the vehicle to ensure every option is working for taillights too. Many accidents involve rear-ending vehicles, and taillights are important for your vehicle’s visibility.
  • Check Lenses and Focus: Once you have confirmed that lights are functioning, check the condition of the lights themselves. Beyond the bulbs, how do the lenses look? Are they clear or are they clouded and covered in film? They may require a cleaning or replacement. There is also an easy way to check the focus or alignment of your bulbs: park five feet from a wall and ensure that both lights hit at the same height. Make sure your vehicle is on a level surface for this test to be accurate.

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