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Prepare Your Vehicle for Your March Break Road Trip

As spring approaches, many families start planning for the first extended holiday of the year: March Break! With the kids out of school and the weather warming up, it is the perfect time to hit the road and take in the blossoming beauty of our region. Once you have planned your route, ensure you are ready to make the most of your holiday with auto repairs in Vancouver and surrounding cities. There is nothing like car trouble to ruin a scenic drive and relaxing escape from your regular routine, so follow the preparation tips below and contact Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres to schedule your appointment.  

5 Tips to Prepare for Your March Break Getaway

Get ready for your trip with these simple, practical steps for a safe, secure, and fully functional ride on your road trip:

  • Prepare an Emergency Kit: Aside from a First Aid Kit (which should always be handy in your vehicle) and bags, you will want to check that your vehicle’s emergency kit is fully stocked whenever you travel. With the right items on hand, you will be able to easily handle minor car trouble, fender benders, or other issues. Keep a spare tire, tow rope, flashlight, utility knife, shovel, jumper cables, blanket, and sand, salt, or cat litter on board to deal with most common issues and carry on to your destination without unnecessary delays.
  • Check Your Vehicle Fluids: Do a full check of your auto fluids before you leave home. Engine oil, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant should all be topped up and, if possible, brought along in a small quantity for emergencies. If you aren’t sure how to check fluid levels, see the professional mechanics at your local auto repair shop. Spring brings fluctuating temperatures and road conditions. Having a well-maintained vehicle is your first step and best ally for defensive, safe driving.
  • Plan Your Route: Even if you prefer a more spontaneous approach to the open road, having knowledge of the area will help you navigate safely and confidently. Take a look at popular destinations, less popular sights, and get a rough idea of where you will be able to find food, gas, and help along the way.
  • Be Realistic: Driving is more enjoyable with restful breaks and a slower pace. No matter how gorgeous your surroundings are, driving for extended periods of time or with little sleep can be draining rather than rejuvenating. Enjoy every moment of the journey by planning realistic breaks, rest stops, and hotel stays along your path. If possible, switch periodically with another driver, and don’t get too ambitious when it comes to the ground you want to cover. Soak up each moment instead of racing to get farther and go further on your trip.
  • Pack Smart: Once you have mapped out local gas stations, don’t forget to bring fuel for the family! Snacks, drinks, and treats can keep young ones satisfied on long stretches and help drivers stay alert. Entertainment can also be a great addition to keep small hands occupied once they have grown weary of the natural beauty or become restless while sitting in the backseats.

Schedule Your Auto Repair in Vancouver and Surrounding Cities before Your Spring Road Trip

Visit the experienced team at a Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres location to prepare your vehicle for a week of family fun. March Break is the perfect time to schedule your seasonal maintenance. Check out our coupons to save on your vehicle service and stop by one of our 18 locations throughout BC and Alberta.

Learn more about our auto repair services and contact our auto centre location near you today for regular vehicle maintenance.


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