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Remembrance Day – More than Just a Day Off

Remembrance Day is a day about our armed forces in Canada. Also known as Poppy Day, this is the day that marks the date and time armies stopped fighting in World War I. In the first and second World Wars, Canada lost more than 100,000 soldiers.

This day is more than just a day off; it is also a statutory holiday in many provinces that reminds us all of the lives lost and those that served our country proudly. Throughout the holiday, you will see the red remembrance poppy and its brilliant colour on memorials, and even local businesses to help remind us all of the importance of this date in history.

Attend an Official Ceremony this Remembrance Day

If you have not already done so, attend an official national ceremony this year at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. The Governor of Canada is there as well as the prime minister, a Silver Cross Mother, and the public to honour those that have served our country and protected our freedom. This year you may even see a member of the Canadian Royal Family attend. If you cannot attend the ceremony in Ottawa, you can find other ceremonies in provincial capitals as well as local cities and towns. You can also look for memorial services and events throughout Veterans’ Week including in British Columbia and Alberta.

Things to Remember

On Remembrance Day, there will be a two minute silence that is observed at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month. This is when the Great War ended in 1918. While this day off from work or school (for some provinces) may be an ideal time to relax, it is also the opportunity to remember the three important things about this holiday:

  • Honour the Past – The lives of those that were lost in the war shall never be forgotten, which is why the holiday became statutory for most of the country. From the ceremonies to the Annual Poppy Campaign, there are numerous groups out there that work hard to remind us all of how our military service members protected our country.
  • Respect the Present – It is not just about honouring the fallen from the past, but also recognizing the courage and personal sacrifices veterans that are currently serving encounter as well.
  • Creating a Future – By educating the public and making sure the service itself is honoured, it can inspire others to serve their country too.

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