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Simple Ways to Improve Car Safety

Safety on the road is paramount for protecting yourself, your passengers and other people on the road. As we get comfortable driving during our daily routines, it can be easy to let certain safety measures slide. Read these simple reminders to check and improve the safety of your vehicle. Don’t let habit make you lazy or take your safety for granted. Stay focused while driving and safe on the roads! Visit Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres to keep your vehicle in a safe, road-ready condition and get more tips on safe driving habits.

5 Simple Ways to Stay Safe on the Roads

Use these simple reminders to stay alert and avoid distractions on the road. They are straightforward, but important for ensuring you get from point A to point B in good time and good health. Here are five tips for safe driving:

  1. Turn off your phone – Smartphones are important for staying in touch and can even be helpful for navigation. They also, however, create a lot of distraction for drivers. Incoming notifications, emails, calls, and texts compete for attention when your mind and eyes should be on the road. Even at red lights, keep your hands off your phone. Ask a passenger to respond if absolutely necessary and turn the device off or on ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings whenever possible.
  2. Do regular maintenance checks – Keeping your fluids at the proper levels and tires adequately inflated will ensure your vehicle is running its best. Check your tire pressure every week or two weeks. You want to be in control no matter what the road conditions are, and driving a vehicle that is properly cared for is one way to do this. Book your tire inspection or oil change at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres for fast and friendly services.
  3. Drive slowly in your neighbourhood – A lot of accidents occur only a short distance from home. It can be easy to fall into your comfort zone and accelerate without consideration. Stay alert, drive defensively, and monitor your speed in areas you drive through often. Staying aware of your habits will keep you from making careless errors or driving too fast.
  4. Keep a safety kit in your trunk – Not all drivers keep the necessary tools on board, but if you ever get stuck, you’ll be happy you do! Pack a kit with a car jack, flares, spare tire, re-inflation canister, first aid kit, small shovel, blanket, kitty litter and an air horn. Sudden snow storms, break downs, muddy conditions, or desolate roads won’t cause as much worry if you are prepared. Ask our staff for more tips to make your emergency kit work for your needs and vehicle.
  5. Get professional vehicle maintenance – What is the best way to handle auto repairs in Vancouver and surrounding cities? Catch them before they become a roadside problem! Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offer vehicle maintenance services that are affordable, efficient and fast. No matter the age, model or make of your vehicle, we can keep it running its best. A regular maintenance schedule will prevent mechanical problems that could cause accidents.

Contact a convenient Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres location near you for inspections, maintenance and auto repairs in Vancouver and surrounding cities. Our experienced staff has been providing residents of BC and Alberta with vehicle care services for 40 years. We are dedicated to keeping you and your vehicle safe on the roads.

Check out our range of vehicle service options or contact us with your questions today. Visit one of our 18 locations to learn more or book a maintenance appointment online.


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