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Time for Spring Cleaning! Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring Vacations

Spring is almost here and with the warmer temperature comes time for spring cleaning. While you are focusing on the interior and exterior of your home, do not forget your vehicle. Just like your home, your vehicle needs a little extra spring cleaning care too. Not just on the outside but under the hood as well. That way, it is ready for you to drive safely on those family vacations and endure the extra miles you and your family will take on this spring and summer.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centre in Surrey, BC wants to help you get a jumpstart on your spring maintenance by offering oil change coupons in Surrey for local customers.

The Importance of Spring Tune-Ups and Oil Changes

Regular vehicle maintenance is important for keeping your car working at its best. A spring tune-up and oil change can do even more. Our expert auto repair service in Surrey can get your car ready for warmer weather by checking:

  • Tire Tread – Winter can be harsh on tires and since you are more likely to put extra miles on your car during the spring and summer, we will make sure your tires are carefully inspected. Minit Tune can check tread depth as well as pressure to ensure your tires are ready for the road with the promise of a smooth and trouble-free ride.
  • Brakes – Front and rear brakes take a toll in the fall and winter. Having them inspected could catch any brake pad issues before it becomes a costly rotor replacement expense.
  • Oil, Lube and Filter Replacements – Clean out those dusty, grimy filters and refresh your car’s oil so it is ready for spring. We have a coupon you can use today!
  • Front End – Make sure your shock absorbers, struts and steering components are in good condition.
  • Exhaust System – Our technicians will visually inspect your car’s catalytic convertor, muffler, exhaust pipes and manifold gaskets.
  • Cooling System – We will check to ensure there are no leaks and check the hoses, clamps, water pump and radiator.
  • Belts and Fluid Levels – We will check all belts, hoses and fluid levels.

When your vehicle is well-maintained, you will notice you have better gas mileage, less repairs, and longer drive time with your vehicle.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centre is happy to offer oil change deals in Surrey and other locations throughout the Lower Mainland. Right now you can access our spring Oil Change Maintenance Package coupon. We’ll also throw in a FREE safety check and tire rotation when you use this coupon.

Bring your car in for an oil change in Surrey, or our other locations throughout the Lower Mainland today or contact us to schedule your spring maintenance appointment!


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