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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

Spring provides inspiration for a lot of people to clean, clear, and declutter their homes. Why not extend that motivation to your vehicle? You spend a lot of time in your vehicle driving each day. Keeping the space clean can increase your enjoyment of driving and the longevity of your vehicle’s interiors. Cleaning and detailing your vehicle can take a different approach than other areas of your home though, so it’s best to learn more before heading outside with the paper towels.

Not sure where to start or how to get certain areas of your vehicle spotless? Read on for a few simple tips to make spring cleaning your vehicle a breeze.

5 Tips for Cleaning and Detailing Your Vehicle this Spring

Use the following tips to guide your spring cleaning and book your auto repair or maintenance appointment for a smooth ride this season:

  1. Use Compressed Air: An air compressor will allow you to blow hidden dirt and debris from nooks, crannies and crevices of the carpets and console. Not all dirt is visible or obvious at first, so an air compressor can help make it easier to see and vacuum or remove dust.
  2. Don’t Forget Your Ducts: Aim air pressure at your ducts, behind vent grilles. Dust, dirt and other airborne particles can build up in these areas and lead to unpleasant smells. Cleaning will keep your vehicle smelling fresh and new as you switch from using the heat to the air-conditioning.
  3. Clean Your Tires: You should clean your tires and wheels before moving onto the body and paint job of your vehicle. Use a degreaser and choose a non-acid cleaner to protect your wheels. Avoid acid cleaners and detergents which can harm the paint.
  4. Get Your Hands Dirty: The pros recommend a hand washing of your ride. It can be a relaxing job if you approach it right and it will give you a chance to do an inspection of your vehicle. Use a carwash solution instead of your household dish soap, which can strip protective waxes from your paintjob. Don’t forget to dry your vehicle as well, to avoid leaving minerals or dirt residue to sit on the surface of your vehicle.
  5. Protect Your Vehicle: Once you have cleaned your vehicle inside and out, top to bottom, you will likely want to protect and extend the benefit of the work you have done. Be sure to wax your vehicle every season, especially if it is outdoors and exposed to the elements each day. Sticking to a regular waxing schedule is the best way to protect your paint job and prevent damage.

Want to make sure your car is running clean this spring? Bring your vehicle into the Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres location near you for a full maintenance inspection. Our trained technicians provide thorough assessments and can take care of all your vehicle’s parts. We offer expert advice and fast, friendly automotive services to keep your vehicle working as great as it looks. Rely on our experienced teams at 16 convenient locations in B.C. to inspect, repair and maintain your vehicle. Visit us today to find out more or schedule an appointment online for auto repairs in Vancouver and surrounding cities.


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