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Tire Pressure: Does the Air in Your Tire Really Matter?

Forgetting about your vehicle’s tires is easy. After all, they are not in front of you every day, and even while driving, it is normal to take them for granted. Yet, those tires on your vehicle are critical to keeping you and others (your passengers, as well as other drivers) safe on the road.

One of the most critical safety checks you can perform on your vehicle is checking your tire pressure regularly. You only need a single, inexpensive tool, and this simple inspection could save you hundreds on tire replacement and auto repair in Burnaby and its surrounding cities.

Tire Pressure

Why Is Tire Pressure Important?

Most tire damage is the result of inappropriate air pressure and maintenance; therefore, if you want to avoid replacing your tires more frequently than necessary, consider these top reasons why technicians recommend maintaining proper tire pressure.

  • Optimum Handling: Proper tire pressure lets your vehicle handle the road as it was designed to do. From your everyday driving to making an emergency maneuver to avoid an accident, the grip, and handling you achieve come from your vehicle’s tires. Even slightly low on air tires will lead to less than ideal handling.
  • Proper Rolling Resistance: When your tires have the appropriate air pressure, there is less rolling resistance. Under-inflated tires, on the other hand, have increased rolling resistance, which means it takes more energy for your vehicle to move, and more gas too. Therefore, if you want to save on fuel costs, make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Proper Wear and Tear: Underinflated tires add extra stress to your tire’s surface, which means excessive wear and premature replacements. Replacing tires sooner than indicated can be costly, and uneven tread could increase the risk of an accident.

Do You Know How to Check Your Tire Pressure?

To check air pressure at home, you need a pressure gauge. Read your owner’s manual or the side of your door to see what the recommended minimum pressure is for your vehicle. The pressure is expressed in PSI (pounds per square inch). Some manufacturers list cold and hot pressures for temperature changes outside too.

Once you know the proper pressure, unscrew your cap from the tire valve stem. Place the round, open end of the gauge over the stem and press with some force. The indicator will give you a measurement based on the pressure received from the valve. If the pressure is lower than the recommended amount, add air.

Need a Tire Check? Bring Your Vehicle in for Auto Repairs in Burnaby and Its Surrounding Cities

Whether you are unsure if your tire pressure is accurate or you need new tires, let the team at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres help. We can check your air pressure for you, inspect tires for uneven tread and wear, and replace tires if necessary.

To have your tires checked, find an auto repair shop near you today. For questions about auto repairs in Burnaby and its surrounding cities, or to learn more about tire pressure, contact a centre in your area.


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