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Troubleshooting a Non-Working Vehicle Air Conditioner

The temperatures might slowly be declining this time of the year, but that does not mean you will not need your vehicle’s air conditioner. There will still be days that are sunny and bright, keeping your parked car hot and uncomfortable, so you need your AC to work efficiently and cool down your car’s interiors fast. After all, who likes to stick to their leather seats or cringe when holding on to the hot steering wheel? When you notice that your air conditioner is not working as it should, or it has stopped completely, you can try troubleshooting it.

troubleshooting AC

Sometimes, your failing AC in a vehicle may be a quick fix. Other times it might require a professional auto repair in Vancouver and its surrounding cities to get your vehicle’s interior back to being cool and comfortable.

Common Reasons Why Your Car’s AC Might Not be Working as It Should

Diagnosing your AC unit’s troubles will not only help you tell your friendly auto repair technician what you suspect is the issue, but might also provide you with a few options for a temporary or permanent fix at-home. Naturally, you should have your AC unit inspected and tuned up frequently to avoid AC “Black Death,” which is a condition that leads to grime, metal particles, and a failed AC altogether.

Your air conditioner is not likely to display a system warning light, so do not expect a check engine light to come on and indicate a problem as it occurs.

Here are a few common reasons vehicle air conditioners stop working:

  • Weak Airflow: Weak airflow can make the interior of your car uncomfortable, even if cold air trickles through the vents. Typically, poor air flow occurs because of mold or mildew accumulation, a loose hose, or a ventilation fan error. Also, if your core case seals, blower seals or evaporator seals open, they tend to reduce airflow.
  • Warmer Air Blowing through Vents: When warm air is all you get out of your vents, you need to bring it in for auto repair in Vancouver and its surrounding cities. Typically, hot air means that you have a refrigerant leak, clogged tubing, failed blower motor or compressor, damaged condenser, or even a vacuum leak. All these issues must be handled by a professional because they are complicated repairs.
  • Cold to Warm: You might receive cool air initially, but as the system continues during your drive, it switches over to warm. This issue might be caused by a faulty compressor clutch, a blown fuse, or leaks in the AC system. Regardless, it requires a professional to diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Odd Smells: Smells coming from your vents could be from a dirty, old cabin filter, which is easy enough to replace yourself. However, it could also be an indication of mold in the evaporator case, which means you have water pooling and a blocked drain; and you need professional repair.

Get Your AC Back Up and Running with Expert Auto Repair in Vancouver and its Surrounding Cities

Having a faulty air conditioner, especially in the summer heat, can make driving miserable. Whether your air conditioner stops putting out cold air, you have odd smells, or it has simply been a while since you have had a tune-up, bring your vehicle over to Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres.

Take advantage of our multiple locations and find an auto repair shop near you today. For questions about air conditioning repairs and tune-ups, contact a centre in your area.


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