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Vehicle First Aid Kit – Essential Supplies to be Ready for Emergencies

Emergencies are always unexpected and unforeseen; and any road journey comes with its own set of risks. You may drive with the utmost safety and caution, but your ride may still be interrupted due to harsh weather or a negligent driver or pedestrian. The emergency may cause a range of concerns, from minor bruising, cuts and scrapes, to broken bones, or more serious life-altering injuries. A well-stocked vehicle first aid kit will come in handy for you, your co-passengers, or anyone else involved in an accident. 

first aid kit for vehicle

While having a first aid kit is important, maintaining your vehicle’s upkeep and safety protocols is also crucial. Timely servicing and repairs will optimize your vehicle’s performance and ensure that your ride does not pose any risks to you or others on the road. To schedule a maintenance service or auto repair in Vancouver and surrounding cities, contact Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres and book an appointment at any of our 18 locations across BC and Alberta.

Essential Items for your Vehicle First Aid Kit

You may find a variety of pre-packaged first aid kits in the stores, but packing your own kit is less expensive. It will also enable customization to meet your family’s specific needs. You can account for the number of people who ride in your vehicle, their age, health, and mobility needs, your pets if any, and the road and weather conditions that your travel through.

Here are some essentials you should pack.

  • Basic Items: Pack a box of Band-Aids, an antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, aspirin or pain relievers, an antihistamine for mild allergic reactions, anti-diarrheal medication, aloe vera gel for burns, a stings and bites cream, Vaseline or other petroleum jelly, a hand sanitizer, and a saline solution for cleaning wounds or eyes.
  • Dressing: To cater to sprains and wounds, add items such as gauze pads, elastic and crepe bandages, safety pins (for closing bandages), adhesive tapes, cotton balls and swabs, instant hot and cold packs, a digital thermometer, scissors, needles, disposable gloves and plastic bags for disposal of contaminated items.
  • Serious Injury: You may want to add items such as a CPR mask for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or an Epi-Pen for severe allergic reactions.
  • Customized Items: If you have young children, include the child and infant versions of the over-the-counter medications. Add specific items that you or your family need, including medication for allergies, asthma, motion sickness, insulin, sanitary pads, baby products, a blanket, and some water and non-perishable food items.
  • Paperwork: Keep a list of emergency phone numbers, including those of your healthcare providers and important family contacts. Keep copies of your prescriptions so that information on dosage, warnings and pharmacy contact are handy. Add an easy-to-follow first-aid manual to walk you through emergencies.
  • Organization: Arrange your first aid kit in an orderly manner. Put smaller items in separate bags or containers with labels. Place larger items side by side for better access. Check your kit periodically to replenish used items and replace expired medication.

Ready to Service Your Vehicle? Bring it to Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres

Regular servicing will ensure that your vehicle meets the desired safety norms and provides you and your family with a secure ride. Bring your vehicle for auto maintenance to Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres. We perform complete maintenance inspection for all major systems including brakes, steering system, tires and shock absorbers, cooling system, belts and filters, fluids, and more.

For comprehensive auto repair in Vancouver and its surrounding cities, or to learn more about car maintenance, contact one of our centres in your area.


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