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Vehicle Headlight Polishing: Shine Bright and See Clearly Today

Visibility is one of the most important ways you can stay safe on the roads. Your headlights play a huge role in allowing you to see and allowing other vehicles to see you. If your headlights have become cloudy and oxidized, they won’t be able to perform their best. That means you won’t be able to see as clearly or drive your best, either. This can quickly become a safety hazard, especially in the foggy, rainy and variable seasonal conditions of BC and Alberta. If your headlights have become clouded, try the following techniques or bring your vehicle in to Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres for auto repairs in Vancouver and surrounding cities.

3 Tips for Fixing Cloudy Headlights

Try these strategies to find out if and how you can salvage your cloudy headlights:

  • 1.Determine the location of the damage – The lens may have dust, debris and buildup on the outside that is making it dull. Alternately, it may be an internal issue that has resulted in moisture buildup. If it is internal, you will need to replace the entire headlight assembly, as they are sealed units. If you are not sure what to do or the damage seems extreme, contact professional auto mechanics for an expert opinion.
  • 2.Clean them – Use a cleaning solution that is specially formulated for glass in order to clear buildup that has developed on the outside of the lens. Windex is a popular option, or you can try a watered-down degreaser to get the lens crystal clear.
  • 3.Turn to the pros – If your cleaning efforts came up short or were simply not effective, it may be time for either polishing or replacing your headlights or taillights. Bring your vehicle in for service at one of our 18 locations across BC and Alberta. Our friendly staff members have 40 years of experience and can provide the right solution to get your headlights shining bright, working properly, and looking great. We know how important safe driving is for you and are here to help you keep your vehicle in top performance, from the headlights to the engine. Book your
    vehicle maintenance service to prevent oxidization and get a thorough inspection of your vehicle completed.

Bring in your vehicle with cloudy, oxidized or broken headlights for a fast and efficient solution. Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help with everything from oil changes to car repairs. Visit the location nearest you to find out more about our services or get specific advice for your vehicle make, model and troubles.

Look at our vehicle service options or contact us with your questions today. Stop by one of our 18 locations to learn more or
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