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Ways to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

As a driver, if you don’t have air conditioning in your vehicle, then you understand the frustrations and anxieties of getting into a scorching hot car in the summer months. Particularly during a heat warning advisory, the interior of your car can overheat quickly, causing unsafe temperature levels and the potential risk of heat stroke. There are, however, a number of precautions you can take to ensure your car stays cool, delivering a safe and comfortable driving experience.

  • Protect Windows: You can reduce the amount of heat that enters your vehicle through your windows by investing in sun shades. Sun shades block the sun from penetrating the interior of your vehicle, keeping the temperature lower. Tinted windows are a more costly solution, but they work well to minimize the sun’s rays that penetrate into your car. Before proceeding with this option, make sure you understand your provincial laws in terms of which windows you are able to tint and how much you can tint them. If you do not want to spend the money on sun shades or tinted windows, some other alternatives are parking underground or in a shaded area whenever possible. You may also consider leaving your windows slightly open (less than an inch) to help create airflow, if you will only be gone for a short while—be careful not to leave valuables in plain sight, tempting car thieves to break in to your car by tampering with the windows.
  • Cover Seats: Hot seats are inevitable in the summer. Some newer vehicles come with air-conditioned seats that can help keep your back cool. If you have an older vehicle, try using a cooling gel cover or pad. You can also cover your leather seats with towels as a form of lining to prevent discomfort.
  • Check Air Conditioning: The air conditioning in your vehicle may take longer to cool your car if it isn’t functioning optimally. An effective way to get the most out of your vehicle’s cooling capability is to turn your air on maximum and crack your windows open as soon as you start your car. This will help push all of the hot air out of the window as the cool air circulates the vehicle. Once the inside of your car has reached the desired temperature, you can use the recirculating feature to maintain consistent and cool airflow. And don’t forget to roll up the windows again!

Auto Repair in Vancouver and Surrounding Cities to Help You Stay Cool and Comfortable

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help prepare your car for a sweltering summer. Your vehicle’s cooling system needs regular inspection and maintenance to ensure it is working at peak performance. Our well-trained and experienced auto technicians specialize in climate control and air quality systems of all domestic and foreign makes and models. Leaks in the air conditioning system can be hard to spot without professional diagnostic equipment and a trained eye. If you find that your vehicle’s AC system is not producing enough cool air, a mechanic at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can quickly and accurately inspect, diagnose and repair the issue.

For all vehicle heating and air conditioning system repairs, contact any of our Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres or visit any of our auto repair centres in Vancouver and surrounding cities. You can also schedule an appointment online and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you shortly.


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