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What to Do When You See the Change Oil Light on Your Dashboard

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Oil is one of the most crucial fluids in your car, so when your dashboard oil lights come on, don’t ignore them. Your vehicle has two oil lights: one tells you it’s time for an oil change, and the other tells you there’s a problem with the oil pressure. Here’s more information on what these lights mean and what you need to do when you see them.

Oil Change Light

Unless you have an older vehicle, your car is likely equipped with an engine oil light calculation system. It’s a computerized system that calculates how many kilometres your car has travelled and then notifies you when you’re due for an oil change. You should change your engine oil every 5,000 – 8,000 kilometres or so.

When the oil change light comes on, there’s no emergency. However, you should take the warning seriously and book an oil change appointment at a certified and reputable auto centre. The light won’t go off until the oil and filter are changed.

Oil Pressure Light

The oil pressure light has more significance than the oil change light and requires immediate attention. The light indicates the engine oil pressure is low, and the vital fluid isn’t adequately reaching critical areas. Engine oil lubricates engine parts and protects them from friction and heat. Without oil, you can do severe damage to your engine very quickly.

If the oil pressure light comes on, pull over immediately and stop the engine. Open the hood and check the oil level. Check the level by removing the oil dipstick, cleaning it with a rag or paper towel, reinserting it and pulling it back out to read the oil level. Consult your owner’s manual to locate the dipstick and other parts.

If the oil level is low, it indicates a leak somewhere. Check under your car for obvious signs of a leak, as it could be a broken gasket or seal. If you don’t spot a leak, you can pour more oil into the engine’s reservoir until the dipstick reads full. If the warning light stays on, get your car towed to a professional auto centre.

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