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Why You Need a Tune Up after Summer Driving

summer driving tune up

Between family road trips and chauffeuring your kids to friends’ houses and sporting events, your car goes through a lot in the summer months. That’s why it’s recommended that you bring it in for a tune up as the season winds down. Doing so will ensure your car is in peak condition going into the cooler months.


Oil Change

You should have the oil changed every three months or after every 5000 to 7500 kilometres driven. Since you likely did a lot of driving throughout the summer, the end of the season is the perfect time to get this routine maintenance done.


Transmission Service

Just like an oil change, a transmission service plays an important role in keeping your car running smoothly. There are several different types of transmission servicing and your mechanic will be happy to inform you of what your car needs.


Wheel Alignment

If your car is veering to the left or right, your steering wheel is crooked when you’re going straight or you’ve noticed uneven tire wear, your car likely needs a wheel alignment. Making sure your wheels are properly aligned will give you more control over your vehicle and reduce the risk of accident. Plus, it’ll help your tires last longer.


Steering & Suspension

Staying on top of steering and suspension maintenance will ensure that you maintain control over your vehicle, even under difficult road or weather conditions. This is important leading up to the fall and winter months, when weather starts to become unpredictable and driving becomes more challenging.



Because the exhaust system is made up of different components, there are many potential issues that can arise. If they’re not found and addressed early on, these problems can worsen to the point where they become quite expensive to fix. As such, it’s recommended that you get the exhaust system inspected from time to time. If you’re bringing in your car for an end-of-summer tune up anyways, you might as well cover all your bases.


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