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I’ve Hit a Huge Pothole! What Kind of Auto Repair Should I Expect to Need?

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Potholes can be quite damaging for your vehicle and with the extreme weather variances that Canadian’s experience (particularly in Vancouver) – they can be quite common.  There are times when the Ministry of Transportation can’t keep up with the damage done to the roads, and it’s important for any driver to take precautions on the road until the ministry is able to do so. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, there’s a good chance that you will still hit at least one potentially damaging pothole this season. When that happens, you need to know what kind of damage to expect and whether or not you require minimal to extensive auto repair.

How Bad Can a Pothole Really Be?

With a deep enough pothole in just the ‘right’ location, you can do a lot of harm to several different systems of your vehicle, including:

  • Wheel Alignment: Hitting a pothole that is deep enough can jar your vehicle badly. This means that it can have an impact on the undercarriage of the car and the wheel alignment. The only way to fix these types of issues is with the help of a certified auto repair mechanic. If you notice that your car is suddenly pulling to one side or driving in a strange way, pull over and call your nearest location for Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres.
  • Steering and Suspension Problems: This can be dangerous if the pothole does enough damage. When the steering is not working correctly, you can lose control of the vehicle. This can be disastrous on icy roads or in areas where control is extremely important. Stop driving the car if it is not responding to steering commands and call a tow truck for assistance.
  • Tire Damage: This is fairly common when dealing with jagged or deep potholes. Tires can get punctured, bent, or damaged easily when they meet particularly bad potholes. Sometimes repairing them is enough, but it’s usually best to replace them—especially when winter is just getting started!

The Ministry of Transportation has worked hard to take care of the roadways; but the more that weather conditions remain unpredictable, the more damage we can expect. This is due to freezing and thawing that expands water across the road surfaces and pavement. This combined with the wear and tear of tire chains and salt causes the development of potholes.

How to Navigate Potholes

Avoiding potholes is the best way to prevent damage. It is common sense that when you can’t see the surface of the road, you must drive slowly and ease your vehicle across potentially damaged parts of the road. When you can see the potholes coming, attempt to safely drive around them. If there is no way to avoid hitting a deep pothole or damaged portion of the road, ease your car into it. Go slowly and pay attention to any sounds or changes to the way that your vehicle behaves.

Using caution and taking care of problems as soon as you notice them is integral to keeping your car in good condition through the winter months.

Hit a Pothole? Call Us for Help!

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