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Your Brake Lines are More Important than You Think

As you press on your brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is created within the braking system. This produces a braking force that sends the pressure to the individual wheel brake components via the brake fluid.

All of this takes place inside the brake lines, making them a critical component of your vehicle. When your brake lines or any component within that line fails, your vehicle’s safety will be compromised.

What Happens When Your Brake Lines are Damaged?

Brake lines can break over time just like any other component on your vehicle. Whether they have broken, cracked or become frayed, you need professional brake repair in Vancouver to correct the issue. A skilled technician can determine the extent of the damage and is adequately trained to repair or replace the brake system if needed.

Not repairing or replacing damaged brake lines could result in a brake system failure, meaning your vehicle may not stop when you need it to.

There are three situations where brake line replacement or brake repair in North Vancouver may be needed:

  • Replacement for Maintenance – A skilled technician examines brake lines during a full brake system inspection. If any signs of corrosion wear are present, the repair shop will replace the brake lines to avoid any failures later on.
  • Breakage – A full break in the brake lines is a dangerous situation that requires immediate attention. Brakes could fail entirely because there is no pressure present in the line to stop the vehicle.
  • Collapse – Brake line hoses may collapse due to age or because of an impact on the line. Rubber line collapses are not as easy to diagnose as metal lines; therefore, if you notice your vehicle pulls as you brake, see a professional for auto repair in Surrey right away.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can inspect and repair your brake lines. Our technicians are trained to not only examine your brake pads and rotors during our inspections, but your lines too for maximum safety. If you need new brakes in Vancouver, schedule an appointment at one of our auto repair centres today. Right now you can get 50 percent off your brake repair, on professional grade brake pads and brake shoes.


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