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The Importance of Having Quality Brake Service

August 21, 2015

The brakes on your vehicle are one of the most significant components to your vehicle’s safety. Think about it, how much attention do you give your brakes? It’s usually only when you have a problem, correct? When a problem arises, where do you go for brake repair in Vancouver? Taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop run by novices could mean that critical issues…

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Is Your Vehicle’s Suspension Hindering Performance?

August 14, 2015

Proper suspension and wheel alignment does not just give your vehicle a smoother ride; it can significantly improve your vehicle control. Whether you are driving on slick roads or in the snow, the condition of your vehicle’s suspension is important. There are ways you can tell if your suspension is in need of attention, and the sooner you have it repaired, the better for your…

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Summer Long Weekends Travel Safety

July 31, 2015

  Summer is here and that means holiday travel. Whether it’s the mid-summer celebration of British Columbia Day or the end of summer with Labour Day, many people use the long weekend to make short trips out of town to visit their cottage in one of the province’s beautiful, scenic areas or enjoy the company of family and friends at picnics, fairs, and festivals. To…

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Benefits of Frequent Air Conditioner Checks

July 23, 2015

  Hot weather puts extreme demands on your vehicle, especially the air conditioning system. Instead of having to drive across town with no air conditioning and wait in line for repairs, you can have your system checked and adjusted so that you can prevent a breakdown altogether. In fact, regular maintenance can reduce the risk of a premature compressor failure. What Happens at an Air…

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A Well-Tuned Engine Delivers Maximum Performance

July 17, 2015

Keeping your car’s engine tuned is not only recommended by the manufacturer, but it can lower your risk for major engine failures in the future. Tuning your engine requires a variety of tasks to be done; from changing the oil on schedule to replacing air filters, etc. All of these tasks can be completed by an auto repair professional in Salmon Arm. Does Your Engine…

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Car Battery Fails: Are You Ignoring Your Car’s Warning Signs?

July 9, 2015

A car battery will never die at an “opportune” time. Whether you are late for work or on your way to an appointment, a battery failure can be extremely frustrating. What most car owners do not realize, however, is that their car usually gives them tell-tale signs in advance. By looking out for those warning indicators, you may be able to catch a failing battery…

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Major Vehicle Manufacturer Settling Oil Change Lawsuit

July 2, 2015

Did you know that a manufacturer cannot void your new car warranty just because you get your vehicle’s oil changed somewhere other than the dealership? As a result of a recent lawsuit that the Federal Trade Commission filed against a vehicle manufacturer, more consumers are finally becoming aware of this fact. What Happened—Get in the Know Before Your Next Oil Change in Vancouver The manufacturer…

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Benefits and Importance of Wheel Alignment

June 24, 2015

Tires that are aligned properly offer benefits to your car and save you money through better performance and enhanced safety. Most car owners, however, overlook the importance of wheel alignment and do not consider it a part of their routine auto maintenance. Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offers wheel alignment and other essential auto repair and maintenance services in Vancouver to keep your vehicle at…

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Keep Your Car from Overheating this Summer

June 15, 2015

Every summer, you’ll see at least one or two of them on the side of the road – cars that have pulled off to the side, their hood open and steam pouring out. What most drivers don’t realize is that an overheated vehicle is often preventable. From loose hoses to low coolant, most of the reasons a car overheats are caught during routine maintenance. If…

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Things to Do in Salmon Arm While You Wait for an Oil Change

June 4, 2015

Salmon Arm is located on the shores of Shuswap Lake and is the perfect location for outdoor activities. From swimming to hiking and just checking out the natural sights, there are plenty of things to do here. Top Picks for Activities in Salmon Arm Whether you are visiting the area or waiting for your auto repair in Salmon Arm to be completed, check out these…

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