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What is an exhaust system: everything you need to know

Photo of a vehicle’s exhaust system

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is made up of a complex system of pipes and devices that serve four essential functions: collect gases from the engine, remove harmful toxins from those gases, reduce engine noise and discharge the gases away from the car’s occupants. Knowing how your exhaust system works can help you identify problems and…

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The Importance of a Well-Maintained Exhaust System

exhaust system maintenance

The exhaust system in your vehicle is a critical component. While it is seen at the opposite end of your engine, the exhaust is what handles the waste from your engine, and can also affect the performance of your car. Maintaining your vehicle’s exhaust system is essential. Not only can you consume more fuel with…

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3 Signs Your Automobile May Have Exhaust Issues

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There are certain tasks we all forget to do, even though we know they are important. Washing behind your ears, unplugging the iron, flossing every day, checking our vehicle’s exhaust system—all of these come to mind. Don’t let that last one slip by you this year. Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help you ensure…

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