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Everything You Need to Know About Out-Of-Province Car Inspections

minit tune out of province inspection

Did you recently purchase a vehicle outside of BC? Bringing it back home may be more challenging than you think. First, your vehicle may be subject to an out-of-province inspection required by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. To ensure complete compliance, here’s a quick guide to answer your questions and help you determine if…

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4 overlooked car problems caused by winter driving


Winter officially lasts from December 21 to March 21. However, in most parts of Canada, winter conditions come as early as October and stay as late as April. That’s more than six months of extra wear and tear on your vehicle. Therefore, it’s essential to know how winter driving can impact your car to ensure…

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Why A Pre-Purchase Inspection Is Important

Minit tune PrepurchaseInspection

Before you buy a used vehicle, consider getting a pre-purchase inspection (PPI). A PPI conducted by a professional mechanic will provide you with the assurance you need that the car you’re buying is safe and reliable. Here’s what you should know about getting one and how it can help you when you’re buying a used vehicle.…

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What Can Cause A Vehicle to Fail an Out-Of-Province Inspection?

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When you purchase a vehicle outside of British Columbia and bring it into the province, or move to British Columbia from another province, it may have to undergo an out-of-province inspection. It’s important to understand in advance that these inspections are pretty strict, and have to be in compliance with Commercial Vehicle Inspection Standards. In…

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What Should You Do Before Making a Final Vehicle Purchase?

auto repair in British Columbia and Alberta

Most of us understand that there’s a certain level of risk that comes with purchasing a used or preowned vehicle. This risk gets exponentially worse when you pick your car up from an unknown lot or purchase it from a private seller. If you have ever experienced the disappointment of buying a vehicle that you…

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10 Important Decisions to Make When Buying a New Car

pre purchase inspections

Buying a new car is exciting, but it is easy to let the excitement take over and forget what really matters. Cars are a big purchase, and one that you will be responsible for through several years. Not only will you have a loan payment, but you must fuel and maintain that vehicle; therefore, you…

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