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How to Choose the Right Coolant for BC Winters

Filling engine coolant

Driving in British Columbia winters can be treacherous. From strong winds and heavy snow to freezing rain and slippery slush, your vehicle gets put through the wringer. Ensuring your car has proper antifreeze will keep your engine running smoothly in any conditions. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right coolant. What’s Antifreeze? Antifreeze, or…

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Don’t Wait Any Longer for an Oil Change

  Maybe you haven’t been driving as much lately. Maybe you lost your window sticker to remind you. Maybe your mind has just been on other things!   Don’t wait any longer for oil change service from Minit-Tune & Brake. Your car (and your wallet) will thank you for it. With 18 locations across BC…

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The Best Oil For Your Vehicle

You probably know that your car needs motor oil in order to keep running. However, with the wide range of synthetic and conventional oils out there, it can be hard to know which is best for your vehicle.   Motor oil is made of oil (either petroleum-based, synthetic or a blend) and additives that contribute…

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How Temperature Affects Oil Performance

Most drivers know that oil changes are an important part of routine vehicular maintenance. However, a lot more goes into maintaining good oil performance than just replenishing it every few months. Temperature’s also a big factor and here’s how it affects your car’s oil.   Temperature & Viscosity When oil experiences extreme spikes or drops…

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Sure Signs It’s Time for an Oil Change

Your car’s oil is one of the most important fluids for the overall health of your vehicle. While gasoline may be the lifeblood of any car, oil is what ultimately keeps the engine lubricated and keeps everything running as it should. If the oil gets too dirty or the level is too low, you can…

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Types of Oil and How they Affect the Environment

Most of us do not put much thought into the oil inside our vehicles. We know oil is necessary to keep parts properly lubricated and running. However, petroleum products are notorious for contributing to global warming. You cannot avoid oil consumption. After all, your vehicle runs on it. By being more environmentally-conscious, however, you can…

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