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4 telltale signs your vehicle battery might be dying

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It’s incredibly frustrating to get in your vehicle only to find out that it won’t start due to a drained or dead battery. One moment you’re expecting to drive off to your destination; the next, you’re stuck wondering if you might need to get towed to a mechanic. To prevent this from happening to you,…

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3 Simple ways to improve car safety

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In recent decades, car manufacturers have made dramatic improvements in car safety. From seatbelts and airbags to blind-spot detection systems and backup cameras, vehicles are far safer than they used to be. However, regardless of how good these systems are, you must never forget your own responsibilities on the road. Here are three car safety…

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Common types of headlights

Photo of a black BMW car focused on the headlights

There are several options when it comes to replacing headlights. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s all about finding the one that’s best for you. Here’s what you should know about the most common types of headlights. Halogen A popular option, halogen lights consist of tungsten filaments sealed in a transparent container…

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4 Ways Running On Empty Can Harm Your Vehicle

In addition to stopping you from getting where you need to go, driving on empty can damage your vehicle. Here are four specific ways not having enough fuel in your tank can cause problems. It can clog your fuel filter Your fuel tank can collect debris and sediment over time. Usually, this isn’t a big…

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When to Use Premium Gasoline

When you pull up to the gas pump, do you choose premium or regular gasoline? Premium gasoline sounds like it should be a better choice for your vehicle, but this isn’t the case. Learning the difference between premium and regular gasoline can help you decide which type of petrol you should use. Understanding Premium Gasoline…

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The Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional oil? Is one better than the other? It’s not unusual for car owners to have these and other questions about their engine oil. Here’s what you should know. Synthetic versus conventional oil Conventional motor oils come from crude oil that’s extracted and refined, while synthetic oils are manufactured…

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What To Do if Your Car Overheats

A car that gets too hot is dangerous and can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Unfortunately, car engines can overheat for many reasons A cooling system leak, a seized water pump, failed thermostat, not enough coolant and other issues can all result in your vehicle getting too hot. However, there are steps you can…

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4 Road Trips Within a Few Hours of Vancouver

With summer just around the corner, many Vancouverites are looking forward to getting in their car and hitting the open road. Though the entire province is full of beautiful places to explore, the Lower Mainland is particularly rich in stunning vistas, romantic coastlines and dramatic mountain ranges. Once the current pandemic restrictions are lifted and…

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