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5 Signs It’s Time For A Tune-Up

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To keep your ride in peak condition, regular tune-ups provided by an auto repair specialist are a must. Preventive maintenance involves changing various fluids and replacing spark plugs, wires, filters and other worn-out parts as needed. If you’re wondering if you should get a mechanic to tune up your car, here are five indications it’s…

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Fall Season Tune Up Ideas

fall tune up

Fall is the perfect time to tune up your car. The end of summer means that it’s back to the grind, which means you need your car to be in top condition. Additionally, it’s good to ensure that everything in your vehicle is running smoothly before winter arrives and brings tricky driving conditions. Here are…

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Why You Need a Tune Up after Summer Driving

summer driving tune up

Between family road trips and chauffeuring your kids to friends’ houses and sporting events, your car goes through a lot in the summer months. That’s why it’s recommended that you bring it in for a tune up as the season winds down. Doing so will ensure your car is in peak condition going into the…

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3 Easy Ways to Schedule Vehicle Tune-Up and Auto Repair in BC

vehicle tune up

Your vehicle is your biggest support system in many ways. Whether it is your daily commute, errands, special appointments or a road trip, you rely on your automobile to get you to your destination safely, on time.  But your vehicle’s life and performance are dependent on regular maintenance. This is where Minit-Tune & Brake Auto…

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Tune Up Your Vehicle for Spring Driving in B.C.

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After months of cold, harsh Canadian winters, you are ready to stow away your warm jackets and boots and bring out your favourite spring and summer clothes. Just like your wardrobe gets a makeover from one season to another, your vehicle too needs an overhaul to be spring and summer ready. Long days of frigid…

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Spring Tune Up for Your Vehicle in British Columbia

minit tune spring tune up in British Columbia

Canadian winters can be rather harsh on your vehicle with snow, ice and cold weather contributing to premature wear and tear. Committing to scheduled maintenance in the form of a spring tune up and timely auto repair in Vancouver and surrounding cities helps optimize vehicle performance, safety and lifespan. Read our spring tune up checklist…

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3 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

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You will definitely be feeling the colder temperatures as the crisp falls air turns more frigid, but keep in mind that your car will be feeling it, too! As you switch gears and start to bundle up for the cold season, make sure you include some preparation for your vehicle. Whether it is storing your…

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