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What is an exhaust system: everything you need to know

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is made up of a complex system of pipes and devices that serve four essential functions: collect gases from the engine, remove harmful toxins from those gases, reduce engine noise and discharge the gases away from the car’s occupants. Knowing how your exhaust system works can help you identify problems and…

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Why tire pressure is critical for your vehicle

When it comes to safety, your tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle. However, even high-quality tires can be unsafe if they’re improperly inflated. Although often ignored, tire pressure plays a vital role in car safety. Here are two reasons why vehicle tire pressure is so important. Overinflated and underinflated tires…

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5 tips for starting your car on a cold winter morning

Most Canadians have experienced the challenge of starting a car on a cold morning in winter. Whether your vehicle takes longer than usual to turn over or doesn’t start at all, cold Canadian winters can put a lot of stress on your car. Although many people believe it’s a good idea to let your vehicle…

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4 overlooked car problems caused by winter driving


Winter officially lasts from December 21 to March 21. However, in most parts of Canada, winter conditions come as early as October and stay as late as April. That’s more than six months of extra wear and tear on your vehicle. Therefore, it’s essential to know how winter driving can impact your car to ensure…

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4 telltale signs your vehicle battery might be dying

note 1271512682417652092 MinitTune BatteryReplacement

It’s incredibly frustrating to get in your vehicle only to find out that it won’t start due to a drained or dead battery. One moment you’re expecting to drive off to your destination; the next, you’re stuck wondering if you might need to get towed to a mechanic. To prevent this from happening to you,…

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3 Simple ways to improve car safety

A photo with a person sitting on a car getting the seat belt on

In recent decades, car manufacturers have made dramatic improvements in car safety. From seatbelts and airbags to blind-spot detection systems and backup cameras, vehicles are far safer than they used to be. However, regardless of how good these systems are, you must never forget your own responsibilities on the road. Here are three car safety…

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Common types of headlights

Photo of a black BMW car focused on the headlights

There are several options when it comes to replacing headlights. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s all about finding the one that’s best for you. Here’s what you should know about the most common types of headlights. Halogen A popular option, halogen lights consist of tungsten filaments sealed in a transparent container…

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Consumers Choice Award Winner 16 Years Straight

MinitTune ConsumersChoiceAward

Minit-Tune Brake & Auto Centres is proud to announce that we’ve received the 2022 Consumer Choice for Auto Repair in Vancouver! It’s the 16th year in a row that we’ve earned this prestigious title, and it’s a testament to the outstanding service we provide to every customer who visits our auto centres. For more than 30…

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5 Warning Signs of Faulty Wheel Bearings

MinitTune WheelBearings.docx

Wheel bearings connect your car’s wheels to axles. They’re steel rings with small, lubricated steel balls inside them that allow the wheels to spin at high speeds with minimal friction. Although rare, faulty bearings can cause an entire wheel to fall off your car while you’re driving. Learning when your wheel bearings need to be…

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6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Power Steering Pump

MinitTune PowerSteeringPump.docx

A power steering pump is an integral piece of your car’s steering and suspension system.  It sends fluid to your car’s steering components to help you quickly and easily steer. Identifying when your pump is having trouble can prevent costly repairs and dangerous driving situations. Here are six signs of a worn-out power steering pump.…

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